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Bishop Joseph A Roberts

Founder And Resident Bishop

New Jerusalem The Home Of God's Glorious Ministries


Rev Ulysses Pervist

Faith Redeemed Ministry


Pastor Eric Z. B. Doe

Macedonia Christian Church


Rev Luke W.F. Kerkula

Bethesda Healing And Deliverance Ministry


Prophet G.Odysius Kligbeh Sr

Prophet G.Odysius Kligbeh Sr


Rev. Emmanuel B. Duncan

Jesus Christ Ministries

(231) 770-242-746

Pastor Obi Chebo

God's Glorious Ministry


Pastor Viola G. Saydee

Sanctuary Of Prayer


Pastor G. Doe Saywula

Ramson Life Ministry

(231) 775-383-250

Rev. Augustus W. Quiah

New Convenant Church Of God


Rev. James K. Dickson Sr

Haversters Ministry


Pastor Parker Willie

Great Faith Pentecostal Church

(231) 778-317-771

Rev. John Y. Bannie

New Jerusalem The Home Of God's Glorious Ministries


Pastor Cris G.Dweh

Church Of Zion


Pastor Grisby Togba

Church Of Freedom

Pastor Abel H. Clarke

The Redeemed Church Of Jesus Christ


Pastor Vero T. Dweh

Grace Temple


Pastor George K Tarlue

Rock Hill Baptist Church

(231) 777-794-986

Pastor Everlyn B. Powah

Refuse Temple Church


Pastor Alfred Q. Pour

True Revealing Temple

(231) 881-020-255

Pastor Victor Fabah

Blessed Assembly Church

(231) 775-547-166

Pastor Joanna G. Dweh

Salvation Temple


Pastor Daniel Julu

Sanctuary Of Prayer Church

(231) 880-966-6370

Rev. Mot. Patricia Tatee

Oneness Of Faith Ministry

(231) 886-453-626

Apostle Dixon A. Dweh

Holistic Vision Church


Pastor David S. Kannah

Sanctuary Of Prayer Ministry

(231) 888-465-012

Bishop Emmanuel G. Partmilin

Evangelical Methodist Church

(231) 776-753-787

Pastor Theodosia W.G, Smith

Bethel Chapter


Pastor Isaac J. Doe

Praise Chapel


Pastor Augustus T. Seongbea

Holy Church Of God

(231) 886-606-006

Pastor Shar T.G. Warjolo

Prayer Chapter Ministry


Pastor Jemon Saylee

Forward In Faith

(231) 881-786-633

Pastor Patrick E Andrews

New Tabernacle Church

(231) 770-065-849

Rev Collins S Seedee

New Tabernacle Church

(231) 770-681-624

Pastor Paulina B. Alalo

Grace Of God Church

(231) 886-409-684

Pastor Anthony K. Kpalleh

Faith Church Of God In Christ

(231) 770-747-091

Pastor Paul T. Seidi

Freedom Chapel Word Of Freedom Ministry

(231) 770-168-655

Pastor C. William Morgan Sr.

Praise Avenue International Worship Center

(231) 888-185-516

Pastor Linus S. Wreh

Grace Chapel Ministries

(231) 777-392-739

Pastor Roland Smallwood

Victorious Church Of Pentecost

(231) 880-331-337

Pastor Philip Tarplah

Christ Redeemed Church Of Christ

(231) 770-400-248

Pastor Noriah H. Kortu

Jehovah Rofecah Healing & Deliverance Ministries

(231) 770-502-772

Pastor King W. Kerkulah

United Methodist Church

(231) 880-551-979

Pastor John Korsee

Chris Resurrection Ministries

(231) 886-238-909

Pastor Stephen Kollie

Upper Room Ministries

(231) 555-469-164

Pastor David G. Bean

The Shadow Of God Ministries

(231 )881-591-741

Pastor Galatieh K. Blamoh

New Life Ministries Center

(231) 777-928-205

Pastor Osue S. Dafakeh

Concern Methodist Church

(231 )886-607-677

Pastor William Dogbor

United Methodist Church

Pastor Bill Thomas

New Dream Baptist Church

(231) 881-432-060

Pastor Peter Neanu

Emmanuel Temple Great Commission Ministries

(231) 776-611-331

Pastor Jerry Gbanna

Dolo Time Church Of Christ

Pastor Boys Gonna

Doywai Town Methodist Church

Pastor William Dolobiah

Gbah Town Methodist Church

Pastor Otics Glaywah

Redeemed Hope Of Life Church

(231) 886-530-756

Pastor William Garbee

Christ Vision Church Inc

(231) 888-894-398

Pastor Henry Keah

Christ Church Of Christ

(231) 880-911-718

Pastor Peter Borbor

Dolo Town Methodist


Pastor Morris Duo

Church Of Christ

(231) 886-322-615

Pastor James K. Samah

The Recovery Church Inc

(231) 776-782-256

Pastor Elijah Torkpah

Holy Church Of Christ

(231) 775-897-083

Pastor Joseph Togbah

Gbah Town Methodist Church

(231) 886-932-060

Rev. Richard K. Sickie

Evangelical Methodist Church

Rev. Johnson B.F. Dolo

Sherman Farm Evangelical Methodist Church

Pastor John K. Flomo

Compound Evangelical Methodist Church

Pastor Richard Flomo

Welikermah Evangelical Methodist Church

Pastor Mark Lincoln

Good Shepherd Evangelical Methodist Church

Pastor James Papa Bondo

Carter's Farm Evangelical Methodist Church

Pastor Arthur Roberts

Who Says No God Evangelical Methodist Church

Pastor Joseph O. Moibah

Kakatown Evangelical Methodist Church

Pastor John Daniels

Sherman Farm Evangelical Methodist Church

Pastor Kenneth Kerkulah

Goigborloisie Evangelical Methodist Church

Pastor Kollehe D. Kollie

Gbilelah Evangelical Methodist Church

Pastor Stephen F. Kolleh

Quipala Evangelical Methodist Church

Pastor Singbe Bondo

Gailelah Evangelical Methodist Church

Pastor Noah Gweemei

First Evangelical Church

Pastor Peter Moore

Komie #2, Evangelical Methodist Church

Pastor Massa S.B. Gbellee

Cotton Tree Evangelical Methodist Church

Rev Allen N. Wehyee

Jubilee Praise Worship Center Liberty Ministries

(231 )881-359-393

Pastor Alfred N. Pouah

New Life Worship Center

Pastor Philip Barpee

Christ Resurrection Ministry

(231) 889-550-243

Pastor Joseph Totaye

The Philler Of Fire Church

(231) 880-103-650

Pastor James G. Kollie

Glory Bible Church

(231) 777-535-385

Pastor Elijah Seebah

New Life Christian Ministries

(231) 777-030-418

Rev. Prophet Bartu Kolina Jr

Prophetic City Of Prayers Pentecostal Ministries

(231) 886-804-926

Rev. Mot Rebecca Gbkolina

Prophetic City Of Prayers Pentecostal Ministries

(231) 776-831-240

Pastor Patrick Kermue

Prophetic City Of Prayers Pentecostal Ministries

(231) 775-833-810

Pastor John Maramon

Prophetic City Of Prayers Pentecostal Ministries

(231) 886-724-593

Rev Lawrence Kreyoh Sr

Words Of Encouragement Ministries Inc

(231) 777-864-435

Pastor Joetta Sua

Prophetic City Of Prayers Pentecostal Ministries

(231) 778-811-252

Pastor Amos Jarwoo

Prophetic City Of Prayers Pentecostal Ministries

(231) 770-466-353

Min. Rufus Wuo

Bible Though Intercessory And Deliverance Ministries

(231) 776-022-524

Rev Dominic S. Dolo

Bethesda Healing And Deliverance Ministries

(231) 770-749-048

Rev Wamah O.D Tokpah

God's Favor Healing And Deliverance Ministries

(231) 880-420-324

Pastor Augustine S. Sumo

New Bethesda Ministries

(231) 880-742-592

Rev Benedict S. Vah

Bethesda Healing And Deliverance Ministries

(231) 880-777-414

Pastor Joseph W. Flomo

Bethesda Healing And Deliverance Ministries

Rev. Mevin A. Divine

Ransomed Life Global Ministry

(231) 886-575 367

Min. Florence Nagbe

Great Commission Issachar Temple

(231) 886-810-396

Pastor Alphonso W. Weah

Soul Winning King Of Kings Church

Pastor Amos Karpeh

Mount Olive Soul Winning Church

Pastor Anthony Gbasue

Christ Temple Soul Winning Church

Rev. Joseph Toepley

Healing Temple Soul Winning Church

Pastor Darbake Weah

Prince Of Peace Church

Pastor Ignatius Tugbe

All Nations Church

Pastor Asida Betia

Evangelical Baptist Church

Pastor Vasco Seyon

Christ Believers Church

Pastor Joseph Nimely

United Methodist Church

Pastor Epraim Seyon

Assembly Of God Church

Pastor Augustine Teblee

Baptist Church

Pastor Alex Toe

Winner Chapel


Bishop Joseph Abraham Roberts

Regional Director, West Africa

Apostle Shine Admire Georgeeo

Country, Sierra Leone

Rev. S. Ulysses Pervist

National Administrator, Liberia

Rev. John Y. Bannie

National Secretary

Rev. Mervin A. Divine

Director, Program and Planning

Rev. Linus S. Wreh

Mission Director

Miss. Princess Cissie

Special Assistant to the Regional Director

Min. Gracious Jarboi

National Treasure

Rev. Roland Smallwood

Director, Recruitment and Mobilization

Pastor Dominic Dolo

Director of Finance and Budget

Rev. Elijah Seebah

Public Relations Officer

Pastor Maxwell Peter

Education Director

Pastor Prince Ewansiha

Evangelical Mission Church


Pastor Paul J. Kangar

Temple of Truth Ministry


Rev Peter Tambah

Church House of Prayer Worship Center


Pastor Romeo C. Kaine

Temple Of Truth Ministry



Rev. C. William Morgan Sr

Coordinator, Montserrado County

Pastor Tee Mahn Poah

Coordinator, Grand Gedeh County

Rev. Jefferson N. Tulay

Coordinator, Maryland County

Pastor Peter Gborduo

Coordinator, River Gee County

Pastor Bandu Harris

Coordinator, Margibi County

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