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Joining Independent Churches United International in Membership/Fellowship is simple and easy. Click here to complete the application and submit it to Independent Churches United International (ICU) General Administrator.

Independent Churches United International has THREE areas of Involvement:



Available to all levels of Clergy, Organized Churches or established Ministries applying for covenant membership covering with Independent Churches United International. ($600.00 Annually)



Available to all levels of Clergy, Organized Churches or established Ministries who desire fellowship ONLY as a part-time ministry and whose ministerial credentials are recognized by Independent Churches United International. ($600.00 Annually)



Available to all levels of Clergy who are currently in full-time ministry and has not received his/her credentials but desire to apply for

ordination through Independent Churches United International. A full-time minister is defined as one who works within a church or

ministry at least fifty percent of their working time.



            • Completed and signed application

            • Passport-sized photo of applicant

            • Provide the following recommendations:


Ministry Recommendation*:

To be completed by your Pastor or a Credentialed Minister who has known you for three or more years.


Personal Recommendation*:

To be completed by a friend or acquaintance who has known you for three or more years. Please submit recommendations to as follows:

            • Signed Statement of Ethical Conduct

            • Ministry Statement

            • Copy of current Ordination or License Certificate, if applicable

            • Applicable Payment, as outlined above.


  • The applicant is responsible for making sure that all components of his/her application are submitted to Independent Churches United International Administration Office in a timely manner. 

  • Review of the application will not begin until all components of the application are received by Independent Churches United International Administration.

  • After Independent Churches United International Administration receives all components of the application, please allow 7-10 business days for completion of the application review process.

  • If approved, Membership, Fellowship or Ordination credentials and paperwork will be forwarded to you. If denied, you will be notified in writing of this decision.

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